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Leena Golden Milk Spice No Additives 

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Leena Golden Milk Spice Contains

No Chilies

No Food Colour

No Additives

No Dilution

No Preservatives

No Salt

No Sugar

No Fat

No Nuts

No Sodium

All Natural

100% Pure


Spice Up Your Wellness Routine with Our Golden Milk Spice Magic

Golden milk, also known as turmeric milk, is a traditional Indian beverage that has gained popularity for its potential health benefits. The drink is typically made by heating milk and combining it with this spice. It has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to promote overall health.

Introducing our exquisite Golden Milk Spice Blend—a harmonious symphony of handpicked, premium ingredients meticulously blended to elevate your culinary experience and promote well-being. Crafted with care and inspired by the ancient tradition of golden milk, this unique spice blend combines the richness of following ingredients:

Turmeric: At the heart of our blend lies the golden jewel turmeric. It infuses each pinch with its renowned anti-inflammatory properties, making your culinary creations not only delicious but also health-conscious. A powerhouse of  properties, it not only adds vibrant color but also makes every sprinkle a step towards well-being.

Cardamom: Let us shine a spotlight in the fragrant embrace of Cardamom. This aromatic gem balances the warmth of the blend, leaving a refreshing trace that lingers on the palate.   

Cinnamon: The sweet, warm, and slightly spicy allure of cinnamon envelop your senses. A key player in adding sweetness and depth, cinnamon completes the ensemble, ensuring a rich and indulgent taste. 

Fennel: Allow fennel to weave its sweet, licorice-like spell. Adding a gentle sweetness and a hint of herbal complexity, it contributes to the overall harmony of the blend.

Ginger: Zest up your culinary creations with the warm, pungent, and slightly spicy notes of ginger. Its lively kick complements the earthiness of turmeric, creating a symphony of warmth in every dish.

Rose Petals: Elevate your senses with the floral, subtly sweet, and aromatic essence of rose petals. A touch of elegance, a hint of fragrance—transforming each sprinkle into a sensory masterpiece.

Black Pepper: Embrace the boldness of black pepper, adding a spirited kick to the mix. Beyond its spiciness, black pepper enhances the bioavailability of turmeric's curcumin, ensuring you get the most out of its health-conscious benefits.

Saffron: As golden strands weave through the blend, saffron introduces a touch of luxury. Its delicate, floral notes and subtle bitterness not only elevate the aroma but also impart a visually stunning golden hue to your culinary creations.

Nutmeg: In the heart of our Spice lies Nutmeg, a spice that redefines richness. Its warm, sweet, and nutty profile forms the foundation of this culinary masterpiece. With each sprinkle, Nutmeg imparts a depth that resonates throughout, creating a harmonious blend that elevates both sweet and savory creations to a new level of culinary excellence.

Mace: Enter the enchanting realm of Mace. This delicate and slightly sweeter counterpart to nutmeg adds a subtle layer of sophistication. Mace's unique qualities weave through the blend, contributing to its nuanced warmth and ensuring an exquisite touch that captivates the palate.

Artisanal Quality: We source only the finest ingredients to ensure a spice blend that meets the highest standards of quality and authenticity. Each batch is crafted with passion and precision to deliver with love an unparalleled culinary experience.

How to Enjoy:

Turn your plain glass of milk into a tasty, golden elixir by stirring in a spoonful of our flavorful Golden Milk Spice Blend. To sweeten the taste you can add honey or dates. You can also add Almonds, Cashew or Pistachio.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook exploring new horizons, our Golden Milk Spice Blend is the perfect addition to your pantry. Sprinkle it into your morning latte, infuse it into your favorite desserts, or use it as a secret ingredient in savory dishes. The possibilities are as endless as your culinary imagination.