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Coriander Seeds are from green coriander plants also know as Cilantro or Chinese Parsley.

Common Name: Cillantro, Sookha dhania, Malli, Chinese/Mexican parsley

Botanical Name:  Coriandrium Sativum

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Apiaccea

Genus: Coriandrum

Specie: C.Sativam

Backgrounds and Native counties 

From the ancient past, coriander is a famous herb that offers healing and protection. According to evidence-based records, the first cultivation was seen in Greece and Italy. It is mainly cultivated in Mexico, Canada Tunisia,  Ethiopia, China, Russia, India, Morocco, Hungary, Malta and Argentina etc.

Taste and Aroma 

The bright, bold, hollow and rounded beautiful woody seeds add a piquant crunchiness and subtle spiciness to meals. Coriander seeds have a mild peppery and slightly earthy flavour with a citrus kick ( A orange peel like taste). It bestows a long-lasting floral, fruity and nutty aroma that made a recipe more appealing.

Culinary Uses 

The culinary importance of coriander seeds can not be underestimated. The perfect combination of its sweet, spicy and earthy flavour with appealing smell makes it an ideal choice among all the kitchen spices. Most commonly in Asian cuisines, it is used for chhaunk, where it is heated in ghee or oil before seasoning food. It can also use in dough making. As a taste enhancer, it also goes well with curries, commonly stir-fries,  spice rubs, soups, curries, pork chops, sauces etc. Most Indian and Pakistani dishes are incomplete without this aromatic spice.

Health Benefits and medical uses 

Coriander seeds are equally important in fitness as in cooking. Its health-benefiting components include key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and carotenoids. It collectively helps in weight loss, improving eyesight, boosting up immunity and regulating blood pressure and blood glucose level. The presence of vitamin C also shows anti-ageing effects.


It can be store for 3-4 years in an air-sealed container.


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Annette P.
New Zealand
Verypleased with my recent order of spices and dried fruit

This is the third time I have shopped online at Leena Spices and it won't be the last. Prices were good, delivery was quick, and most important, I was very pleased with the quality of the dried fruit and spices.

John S.
New Zealand
great spices

Ordered 0.5kg bulk pack - great resealable packaging, excellent spices