What is so good about Fennel Seeds or Sauf?

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Common Name:  Saunf, Sonp, fenel, finocchio

Botanical Name: Foeniculum Vulgare

Kingdom: Plant

Family: Umbellifers

Genus: Foeniculum

Specie: F. Vulgare

Background and Native Countries

Saunf is a part of the parsley family. It is a perennial herb with edible spurts, seeds, and leaves. It is among the ancient seasoning herbs and was originated in the Mediterranean region. Due to nurturing and neutralization, it grew wild throughout the western, eastern, and southern hemispheres, particularly in Europe, North America, and Asia. They can be quickly grown in the home garden as they are in season all year round. The Head of the fennel flowers is rubbed together to get the seed. You can gather about a gram only; that is why its powder is relatively expensive.

Taste and Aroma 

The taste of fennel seeds is a bit sweet and licorice-like. Moreover, it can be eaten raw. The best part is that all fennel plants are edible, including shoots, bulbs, flowers, and seeds. In addition, it can be easily recognized among other spices, but people sometimes confuse it with anise seeds. However, anise has a more robust licorice flavor and is more intense than fennel seeds.

Culinary Uses

Fennel seeds are used for culinary purposes in Chinese, Indian, European, and Middle Eastern cuisines. You can add them into soups, pickles, sauces, cakes, bread, condiments, drinks, confectionery, pancakes, and desserts.

  • They can be used as a whole, ground, or in paste form.
  • Moreover, fennel seeds can be chewed raw to freshen the breath and digestion purposes after meals. 
  • Fennel seeds are one of the essential ingredients of broths and curries. It gives curries an extra dash of flavor and boosts the aroma.
  • Moreover, toasted fennel seeds can generate sweet, licorice flavor in the dishes.
  • It is also used in salad dressings and sausage mixtures.
  • They also taste amazing in potato salads and coleslaw.

Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

Nature has many precious things in its treasure box. Many seeds and herbs that are organic have unimaginable health benefits. In ancient times, people use these herbs for medical purposes.

Fennel seeds are among such healing seeds with magical powers.

They are rich in fiber and lacks cholesterol so ideal for heart health and are also good for prevention against heart diseases. Fennel seeds help ease and prevent bowel movements.

This power pack has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. They aid in indigestion and gastric problem and also relax intestine muscles.

If consumed sufficient amount, they also aid in protecting our liver from harmful chemicals. Drinking soaked fennel seeds before going to bed can help in peaceful sleep. It relaxes intestines muscles and gastric problems.

Furthermore, the fennel seeds oil is helpful in hair growth as it is rich in antioxidants like niacin, folate, copper, acids, and iron.

Medical and Herbal Uses

Fennel seeds also have medical and herbal uses. Besides being used in making herbal medicines, they are also used in the following ways:

They help relieve colic problems in kids and adults. If you have an upper respiratory tract infection, they can help you prevent bedwetting, cough, cholera, visual problems, or backache.

Digestive problems like bloating and heartburn can also be relieved using fennel seeds.It improves eyesight and cures wheezing.

Nursing mothers use fennel seeds for increasing milk production. They are said to be good in improving the menstruation cycle and easing birth procedures.

It helps to regulate blood pressure. Fennel seeds act as a poultice for Snakebites. Herbal tea with saunf as an ingredient relieves constipation.

Creams made of fennel seeds help in hair reduction patterns in women. It improves skin appearance. Drinking soaked fennel seeds water daily can help in weight loss. 2-3 cups a day are sufficient.


You can store fennels in airtight jars, zip lock bags, or also in their original packaging. If they get moist anyway, you can put them in the air to let them dry, and they are good to go. They are also stored in refrigerators, but sometimes they get soft, so it is better to keep them in airtight jars and store them in your kitchen cabinets.


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